Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Few Governed For Fashion Plates

The most important postulate says of: decoration, must correspond general style of Your clothes, taking into account make-up. Choosing jeweler decorations it is necessary to pay attention to the price and quality. All must be beautifully harmoniously. Decorations must combine with Your appearance and be his inalienable part. Their basic task - to underline Your beauty and individuality, complement appearance, introduce new paints in it.

If with a rumour to walk up to the question of choice and take into account the above-stated moments you, without doubts, will come into to itself the notice of surrounding people, and will enrapture only. It is also important to take into account, for what aims you acquire to or other decoration. If a corporate evening-party coming you in an informal situation, the merry are fully appropriate will be, bright, not fully ordinary decorations. If you pick up decorations under the business office suit, it is better to give a preference the classics, not very much to the large, not eye-catching decorations.

Also it is not needed to put on too many decorations. In our time surprising plenty of gold is difficult, therefore it is not good similar demonstration of the riches. "If you want to be elegant, will replace an amount quality, and always from put on you better yet to clean anything, what to add", - such rule of carrying of decoration was followed by famous Coco Chanel. And it, as nobody other, understood style.

And the last rule, never mix up in the appearance a decoration from gold and silver. Even the most beautiful decorations lose the attractiveness at wrong combination. Therefore if facilities allow, better at once to acquire wares in a set. In this case the question of compatibility of decorations between itself for you will lose the actuality.

It is important not to forget that style of decorations is directly related to age. Young girls do not need to carry heavy and superfluously dear decorations: massive rings, finger-rings with bulky stone, too long ear-rings. And, vice versa, on a grown man woman scarcely ultra-fashion plastic knick-knackeries will look at oneself appropriately.

It is the most basic rules of carrying of decorations. Following them, you will always look attractively. Pick up the individual style, adhere to it and be wonderful!

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