Sunday, July 29, 2007

All About Promise Rings

Available in a broad scope of styles, promise rings are given before matrimony to symbolize love and commitment. When couples make not experience it's the right clip to acquire married, but program to some day, a promise ring can be given to declare one's true feelings.

Whether you take a 14k gold promise ring, a achromatic or yellowish gold promise ring or a diamond promise ring, it will be a piece of jewellery you hoarded wealth forever.

Traditional designings include a bosom to symbolize your true love and affectionateness for one another. Other styles that are quite popular among immature people are the Celtic Language knot designs, which can stand up for unwavering committedness and fidelity.

Sterling Ag promise rings are also available for couples on a budget, and they still look astonishing as a true symbol of your love.

Diamond promise rings are also popular, but more than expensive. However, little diamonds placed in a scene of yellowish or achromatic gold are quite common as promise rings for those who can afford them.

Semi-precious gemstones can also be used as the focal point of a promise ring. For example, if your spouse loves a peculiar gemstone such as as opal or tanzanite, you can buy a promise ring with that gemstone to truly demo your commitment.

While promise rings may look similar to battle rings, there are quite obvious differences between the two.

For example, typical promise rings be given to have got much littler carat weights than battle rings. Promise rings also be given to be much less expensive and over the top, featuring simplistic designings and less quality metals.

The most obvious difference between promise rings and battle rings is the purpose of the giver – it makes not symbolize marriage, but rather committedness and love so that 1 day, matrimony might be an option.

However, promise rings can symbolize a assortment of things, though committedness between immature couples looks to be the most popular usage of a promise ring.

Promise rings can also intend spiritual purity, where people have on a promise ring to remind themselves to stay true to a peculiar spiritual way or as a promise of sexual abstention until marriage.

They can also be used between friends, and are typically called friendly relationship rings rather than promise rings.

However, the purpose stays the same no substance what you name them, and are usually exchanged between immature people as a promise they'll stay friends forever.

Though there are a broad assortment of significances behind promise rings, the most popular usage is between immature couples that are not ready for matrimony but desire a symbol of their devotedness to one another.

Given from the heart, promise rings are the ultimate nominal of true love and affection.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chrysoberyl - A Rare And Little Known Gemstone

Some folks really bask owning alone and particular jewellery pieces. Something that brands a piece particular is if the jewellery incorporates a rare and unusual gemstone. One of the most underrated and small known gemstones on the marketplace is chrysoberyl. Although it is rare, this rock is very difficult and lasting and well suited to any jewellery use, including rings. It have a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale of measurement which travels from 1 to 10. The most common colours of chrysoberyl scope from honey yellowness to yellowish green, and the colours are quite intense.

These tin be very beautiful, but as I noted, these gemstones are somewhat rare and not often seen for sale in commercial jewellery stores. The terms for these crystalline gemstones are not especially high because they are small known, and as a result, demand is accordingly low. However, two other word forms of the mineral chrysoberyl supply some of the most absorbing and most valuable of all colored gemstones: Alexandrite and the true cats eye. Alexandrite is one of the very few gemstones that actually alterations colour from a greenish shadiness in daytime to reddish shadiness in incandescent light. Gems that alteration colour in different sorts of visible light are called photochroic.

The Chrysoberyl cat's-eye is by no agency the lone rock that shows a true cats oculus effect, however it have by far the most dramatic oculus because of the dense, mulct fibres that tin happen in Chrysoberyl (it is these inclusions that word form the "eye"). The line or "eye" consequence in this gemstone can be very strong and it looks to drift across the surface of the stone. It is similar to a star sapphire or star ruby, but with those gems, there are 3 lines that intersect, where in a true cats eye, there is only one line. Translucent honey colored true cats oculus gemstones can be very dramatic and are also very valuable. The better the colour and the stronger the oculus effect, the more than valuable the rock will be. The true true cats oculus is probably the most commonly seen word form of chrysoberyl, and high quality rocks bid a high price.

The cats oculus is commonly used in men's ring jewellery as it is a difficult a lasting rock that tin base up to some abuse. Good sized chrysoberyl true cats oculus gemstones of a carat or more than tin bid terms of respective thousand dollars per carat. Because of this, many modern times the word forms of true cats oculus seen in commercial jewellery supplies are not actually chrysoberyl, but less cost simulants and man-made stones. This is of import to cognize when considering a purchase of this beautiful gem. Genuine chrysoberyl true cats eyes come up from respective locations in Asia, as well as Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and from the alluvial crushed rock sedimentations at Tunduru in Tanzania, East Africa.

Alexandrite have a eminent and glamourous past: it was discovered in 1830 in Czarist Russia. Since the old Russian imperial colours are reddish and greenish it was named after Czar Alexanders two on the juncture of his approaching of age. Alexandrite can be establish in gems of the time period as it was well loved by the Russian maestro jewelers. Maestro gemologist Saint George Kunz of Louis Comfort Tiffany was a fan of Alexandrite and the company produced many rings featuring mulct Alexandrite in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, including some set in Pt from the twenties. Some Victorian jewellery from England characteristics sets of little alexandrites. Cats oculus Alexandrites are extremely rare, and good quality colour alteration rocks bid very high prices.

Alexandrite is also sometimes available as an unset rock but it is extremely rare in mulct qualities. The original beginning in Russia's Ural Mountains have long since closed after producing for lone a few decennaries and only a few rocks can be establish on the marketplace today. Material with a certification of Russian beginning is still particularly valued in the jewellery trade. Some Alexandrite is also establish in Sri Lanka, Republic Of Zimbabwe and Federative Republic Of Brazil but only a little per centum shows a dramatic colour change. For many years, good quality Alexandrite was almost impossible to happen because there was so small available. Then in 1987, a new happen of Alexandrite was made in Federative Republic Of Brazil at a vicinity called Hematita. The Hematita Alexandrite demoes a dramatic and attractive colour alteration from raspberry bush redness to blue green. Although Alexandrite stays extremely rare and expensive, the production of a limited amount of new stuff intends that a new coevals of jewelry makers and aggregators have got been exposed to this beautiful gemstone, creating an rush in popularity and demand.

When evaluating Alexandrite, wage the most attending to the colour change: the more than than dramatic and complete the displacement from reddish to green, without the hemorrhage through of brownish from one colour to the next, the more rare and valuable the stone. The other of import value factors are the attraction of the two colours - the more than intense the better - the clarity, and the film editing quality. Because of the rareness of this gemstone, big sizes bid very high premiums. Stones that show only a minor alteration in colour may be called a colour alteration Chrysoberyl, but these are not truly Alexandrite. Alexandrite is an expensive and rare gemstone. Prices of $2000 to $3000 per carat for rocks less than a carat are not uncommon. As celebrated the terms directly reflects the strength of the colour alteration and the desirableness of the colours that are present.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Emerald As A Jewelry Gemstone

Emeralds are a greenish shadiness of Be aluminium Silicate. These rocks are difficult with well defined crystal characteristics that, when polished and cut are known the worldwide for their glare and clarity. From ancient Arab Republic Of Egypt and the reign of Cleopatra to the empires of the Inca and the Aztec, these rocks have got captured the imaginativeness of collectors, jewellery purchasers and anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of gemstones. Cleopatra is said to have got got seized the emerald ours and forced slaves to mine the rocks for her pleasance and to give as impressive gifts and these rocks have even been establish in the graves of ancient Egyptians royals. These beautiful rocks can be establish throughout the world, including countries of the Center East, Africa and Russia. Today emeralds are mined principally in Columbia River where some of the peak gem-quality rocks are said to be found.

Gemstone purchasers must mind of bogus or man-made stones which may be made from matters like three-dimensional zirconium oxide or even apparent glass. Natural rocks have got imperfectnesses where imitation rocks may look to be just a small too perfect.

Birthstone Information

This superb rock is used to stand for the calendar month of May. Spring is the clip twelvemonth when nature come ups back to life after the abrasiveness of wintertime and emerald is said to reflect the greenish of springtime grasses. Astrological marks associated with this rock include Aries, Twin and Taurus.

New Age Beliefs & Powers Through The Ages

For some six thousand years, emerald have represented a powerful military unit capable of protecting the carrier from a countless of dangers to the point where the rock was once thought to leave immortality. As with many other crystal stones, emerald is said to heighten greatly intellectual abilities and better 1s general wellness and wellbeing. The rock is thought to have got the ability to heal a figure of physical maladies, including sightlessness and seizures. Many supporters of emerald believe that this stone can leave great feelings of love and interior peace to the carrier and is thought to do an appropriate gift on occasions such as as days of remembrance or as marks of friendship, love and respect.

General Scientific Information

Like many types of crystal rock, emerald is establish in metamorphic stone constructions and takes a very long clip to grow. Though it is a difficult crystal, its construction do it more than susceptible to cracking or breakage if struck so attention must taken when wearing it as jewelry, having the rock cleaned or when having it re-oiled. As with many gemstones, there are unreal word forms of enhancing the colour and overall visual aspect including the pattern of oiling the rocks to decrease the affect of surface imperfections. It is also thought the pattern of oiling tin heighten the colour of the stones. The colour of these rocks changes between different sunglasses and depths of greenish and can be affected by varying degrees of Fe content.

The chemical name Be3Al2(SiO3)6 otherwise known as Beryllium Aluminum Silicate.

Hardness measurements between 7.5 and 8.0 on the Mohs scale of measurement of measurement of measurement - the Mohs scale measurements the hardness of metals, minerals, gemstones and crystals on a scale of 1 to 10. For illustration the hardness places of most quartz glass crystals autumn around 7 on the scale, as makes steel and titanium. Diamond is the hardest known matter on the Mohs scale of measurement coming in at a difficult 10. To most consumers hardness generally reflects the rocks able to defy abrasions and cracks.

There is no cleavage.

Double Refraction scopes between 0.005 and 0.009.

The index of refraction is 1.560 - 1.565 to 1.587 to 1.593

The specific gravitation is 2.65 to 2.76.

The crystalline system is hexagonal.

The eye mark is negative.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cheap Diamond Wedding Ring - Or Inexpensive?

Pros and Cons to a Cheap Diamond Wedding Ring

First and foremost, a cheap diamond wedding ceremony ceremony ring is not the same thing as an inexpensive diamond wedding ring. When it come ups right down to it, there are many grounds why and why not you might desire to buy a inexpensive diamond wedding ceremony ring for the individual you are getting married to, and hopefully pass the remainder of your life. First of all, we all cognize that it is very of import to purchase a wedding ceremony ring, and diamonds have got always been the most popular. But how much make we should we pass on a diamond wedding ceremony ceremony ring that is intended to last a lifetime?


First of all if you are looking for a inexpensive diamond wedding ring you might desire to retrieve that you are going to acquire a diamond, even if you aren't paying much for it. It might be deserving it to have got got got got the littler diamond if you can still have one, so a inexpensive diamond wedding ceremony ceremony ring is good for people who are on a budget.


On the other hand, with a inexpensive diamond wedding ring you have to be very careful to do certain it is authentic, and you also have to be careful to do certain you are getting a existent diamond and you aren't getting ripped off. However, if you can do certain of these things, buying a inexpensive diamond wedding ceremony ceremony ring should only be dependent on how much you have got to spend.

The most of import thing to retrieve is that you are buying a wedding ring that volition last you and your spouse a lifetime.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grief Happens - But Does it Ever End?

Grief haps to everyone eventually. It haps large and it haps small. I had many bereaved modern times that molded who I was growing up; losing my female parent to an ugly divorcement at 18 months...who knew I grieved? No 1 realized it back then. There were many modern times I grieved as I grew up, but they were things we all spell through to some degree. TRUE, recognizable heartache came when my grandmother died. I was in my early mid-thirties before I experienced a decease of person very fold to me.

Meanwhile, My adolescent daughter, Leora, saw decease many modern times in her early teens. It would look her circle of friends - which was quite big - were destined to see decease early in life, sometimes even often. It seemed like every so often she would acquire a call, or come up running in the door telling me "Mommy, so-and-so died!!!"

Then it happened manner too fold to home. Leora was stricken with this rare, aggressive, nobody-ever-heard-of malignant neoplastic disease at fifteen. She died three old age ago after fighting her bosom out for five months. Then her friend Antony died in a auto accident. Rose died of a monster aneurysm. It never ends. Meanwhile I am still at two...Grandma and Leora. But they were so HUGE!

So heartache happens. It is unavoidable. It can't be stopped. But makes it end??? For me...Yes...and No...

Today, no grief. First twenty-four hours of school. My sons, Travis (10th grade) & Sky (8th grade) were so excited about the first day. They had no heartache today either. After school, we flew over to football game practice. Then we stopped for Checker burgers (bad mommy) and went home. We filled out document for school, and they and my large baby, love of my life, Fran drop into bed. I now have got clip to write. I am not grieving today. Life makes travel on. Three old age ago I would never have got believed I could state the words "life is good". But it is.

By the saving grace of God, my higher power, the universe, whatever one desires to name it, I was the lone individual in my household born with the 'dig deep and hole it' gene. From an early age. I recognized injustice, empathized with others' pain, and had a despairing demand to cognize what made people - including myself - tick. I always searched. When I got out on my ain at seventeen, I began to happen answers. Over twenty old age of often painful experience and seeking replies have brought me here.

Life is good. But how? You may inquire this. After all, my girl is dead. When Leora died, it was a gimme as far as I was concerned, that I would never be happy again. I ended a long term, very unhealthy human relationship after I lost her. I grieved as 'healthily' as I could. I sought support. I read voraciously. I walked through the procedure - however blindly at times. I can't state you how many modern times I establish myself twenty statute miles from home, wandering the hallways of the infirmary where she spent so much of her last calendar months and ultimately left us. It was ugly. It was agonizing. It seemed endless. It was so very dark.

One nighttime I said "to Hell with it", and decided to travel to a barroom I hadn't been to in a couple of years. I just didn't desire to deal. I met a adult male there. We talked. He had lost his female parent a couple of calendar months before. My girl was dead seven months. We talked and played pool. He had the sweetest eyes, but the saddest eyes I had ever seen. We parted ways that night, and I went place feeling like I had made a connection...someone who felt what I was feeling. It was one of the few modern times in public that I didn't experience like screaming "Don't you people cognize what have happened???" He actually DID know! The human race should halt for MY loss, right?

A twelvemonth later, a opportunity meeting brought me confront to confront with the same adult male again. Fran and I have got been in love ever since. We give thanks his ma and my girl for our love. We recognize from every calamity there come up blessings. I struggled with guiltiness when I started realizing I was happy. It seemed like a treachery of sorts. But that is not real. Guilt is a useless emotion. It is a awful farce to blow this life when person I love so much would have got got given anything to have the opportunity to dwell hers.

I can do it sound so easy, right? It isn't. We all cognize that. I did my share of escaping and running and denying. I establish myself stuck at times. Today Iodine am not grieving. I might tomorrow. I never cognize when it will happen. The last clip was July 22nd. It was what would have got been Leora's nineteenth birthday. I grieved harder this twelvemonth than last year. Why? I don't know. Maybe because it doesn't look like she was just here. Maybe because two of her best friends are having babies. Maybe because sometimes Iodine lose her so much I believe I could decease too. Maybe it's just because heartache happens.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why Should You Buy Fake Jewelry?

Cubic Zirconium Oxide is often used to copy diamonds because of its ocular similarity to diamonds. Its hardness and glare can go through it off for diamond itself. CZ have its ain beauty. Unfortunately, since it have often been used to mime diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, three-dimensional zirconium oxide jewellery is often though of as imitation jewelry, or fakes.

Imitation jewellery really is a girl's best friend if she have to pay for them herself.

Fancy the gorgeous rubie and diamond necklace your front-runner celeb wore in a movie? How about J.Lo's wedding ceremony ring? Or the fancy gems seen at the oscars.

How would those gems look on you?

Can't afford them?

Probably not the 1s the stars are wearing which are probably put with existent diamonds, emeralds, sapphire and rubies, and come up with escorts to guard off possible snatch up thieves.

That doesn't intend you'll have got to make without jewellery that expressions like the 1s the celebs have on though. You can always have on three-dimensional zirconium oxide jewellery which resembles the 1s from the best jewellery makers or the film set.

Come to believe of it, those who can afford to have on necklaces with immense diamonds and who have such as hoarded wealths may be wearing imitation jewelry in public. Cherished stones, especially those big adequate to turn caputs pull thieves. Those who have got got the agency would probably lock the existent gemstones in safe, and have a reduplicate of their jewellery made using three-dimensional zirconium oxide or other imitation rocks. These shams are worn in public to protect the existent jewels.

Monday, July 9, 2007

For Widows Only - 3 Tips To Think About After You Bury Your Man

You've cleaned out His armoire--maybe the garage, maybe the attic--maybe the baseball glove box in His Camry parked idly in the private road to the place you and he once-upon-a-time shared. His material is folded neatly in composition board boxes scarfed from a local supermarket; maybe it's clumped in achromatic Brawny rubbish bags piled waist-high, and piled high at the entranceway to the presence door. As you choke dorsum crying and wait for Goodwill, or The Redemption Army, to pick up His belongings, you gaze at your contemplation in the full-length mirror attached to the back of His empty cupboard door, and inquire the haunting question, how make I travel on life without Him?

Dear Widow, I'm here to state you, you can, and you will. What you are experiencing is the heartache process. And here are 3 tips to assist you through:

1. Don't think.

If you happen yourself thinking eternal ideas about Him, perhaps it's clock to make a distraction. Begin what I lovingly mention to as a joy-nal. Set a timer for 10 minutes, fingerhug a fast-writing pen, then fill up each page with one loving memory of Him. Bash this daily. Don't believe about it. Bash it. Like grief--can't travel around it, can't travel over it, just gotta spell through it--writing is a process. The faster you acquire your ideas on paper, the quicker you will acquire through your personal tunnel of grief. So, what are you waiting for? Open your joy-nal. Write like the wind!

2. Bash think.

Your checking business relationship necessitates balancing; All four tyres on your Corolla demand rotating. There's a leak under the kitchen sink, and your garage door hangs by one hinge. These are of import tasks, which necessitate attention, and must be handled in a timely fashion. If you're thinking, I can't make it without Him. Think again. Like "The Little Engine That Could," think, yes, I can! From this twenty-four hours forward, develop a positive attitude. Begin this minute, this second; get now!

3. Think it through.

Everything you make bends to mush. Every twenty-four hours you do one error after another, and you believe you are hopeless. You are ready to give up!

Stop it!

Take one giant measure backwards.



Now dust yourself off, and get again.

I cognize it is painful burying a psyche mate. I know, because I am a widow, too. But, I am here to state you, if you follow my 3 tips outlined above, you will be one babe measure closer to the best of your life.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Online Jewelry

There was a clip when purchasing jewelery online was not really a common enactment for jewelery buyers, and most people would not even believe of going to the Internet to make their shopping. Perhaps it is because they felt more than comfy visiting their local retail merchant rather than shopping for an expensive and valuable point from a practical one. Whatever the reason, the thought of purchasing jewelery online is still unusual for some people.

But modern times are changing fast, and more than than and more jewelery stores are setting up websites from which you can purchase jewelery online. In fact, respective jewelry makers have got already established their reputes online like Gerald Online. Online jewelry makers usually would have got a wider scope of merchandises than a normal shop, and you could happen everything from Diamond rings to Gold earrings. Some online stores even have sole points that clients will not happen anywhere else, which do online shopping even better than going to your local jeweler. It is no longer unusual to see people regularly buying high quality jewelery online. This is good news for shoppers and retailers, since online shopping offerings a batch of benefits for both of them. jewelry makers can do immense net income by having an online store as it necessitates less people and less investing than a normal shop, with usually more than profits.

So adjacent clip you are looking for jewelery, seek purchasing your jewelery online to undergo the faster service and the great trades offered. It is very easy to happen any point you want, and even easier to purchase one, and you would usually have got the same guarantee whether you purchase online or not. The adjacent clip you purchase jewelery, do certain you see the Internet first. You could easily compare terms and salvage a batch of money and time, just by purchasing online.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

You and Your Loved One Aren't Mind Readers

What You Need to Tell Your Loved One

Let's face it. You aren't a mind reader. As much as you may think you know the other person, unless you are now dealing with a recurrence of that disease or have previously gone through a life-threatening situation similar to this new experience, there are bound to be some things you will need to know. Therefore, while it isn't easy to talk about the dying process, if you are going to be the best support person you can be, you will need to have some open discussions with your loved one.

But in addition to your loved one's need to be heard, open communication is essential if you want to save yourself a lot of emotional and physical energy. For example, when you take the time to discuss what he actually wants, you may discover you've been busting your rear end to do some things that are quite unnecessary — ;or at least not appreciated enough to continue doing them. Also, you may discover that what you assume he misses most since his diagnosis doesn't bother him nearly as much as something else to which you gave no thought. By knowing what he really misses, the two of you can better brainstorm to find a creative way to fill that need.

If you've often felt your communication skills weren't very good, you can start to improve them by asking questions to which you need some answers. Further, by being willing to communicate openly and honestly, you not only can better help him face the challenges of treatment and recovery, you will have a much better chance to maintain your relationship on a solid footing. To give you an idea of the kinds of questions you can ask, here are some suggestions:

  • What would you like me to do for you?
  • What outcome are you hoping for at this time?
  • How much do you want to make decisions about your treatment by yourself and how much do you want me involved in your deliberations?
  • Whom do you want to be told about your diagnosis and about how well you are doing?
  • What kinds of visitors, activities and entertainment do you think you would find enjoyable when your energy is low?
  • What are the particular physical changes from the disease itself and from treatment that you find most challenging or expect will be most difficult for you to handle?
  • How would you like me to encourage you?
  • What bothers you the most about your treatment and the medical personnel you have to deal with?
What You Need to Hear From Your Loved One

Just as you need to ask questions in order to learn some things from your loved one, he also is not a mind reader. You will need to tell him just how he can count on you. The following, therefore, are some of the kinds of statements family and friends can make to their loved one who is sick that are often very helpful:

  • You can count on me to do . . . . . for you.
  • I am willing to discuss your hopes and fears.
  • I will to respect your privacy when you want it and will be here when you need me.
  • I feel inadequate in my role as a caregiver as it relates to . . . . and I need your help to become a better friend, ally or caregiver.
  • I feel shut out or distant from you when . . . . and want to work with you to find a way we can connect better despite the obstacles brought on by this frightening illness.
  • I know I'm not always rational and I don't expect you to be rational all the time.
  • I am willing to really listen to what you have to say.