Monday, July 9, 2007

For Widows Only - 3 Tips To Think About After You Bury Your Man

You've cleaned out His armoire--maybe the garage, maybe the attic--maybe the baseball glove box in His Camry parked idly in the private road to the place you and he once-upon-a-time shared. His material is folded neatly in composition board boxes scarfed from a local supermarket; maybe it's clumped in achromatic Brawny rubbish bags piled waist-high, and piled high at the entranceway to the presence door. As you choke dorsum crying and wait for Goodwill, or The Redemption Army, to pick up His belongings, you gaze at your contemplation in the full-length mirror attached to the back of His empty cupboard door, and inquire the haunting question, how make I travel on life without Him?

Dear Widow, I'm here to state you, you can, and you will. What you are experiencing is the heartache process. And here are 3 tips to assist you through:

1. Don't think.

If you happen yourself thinking eternal ideas about Him, perhaps it's clock to make a distraction. Begin what I lovingly mention to as a joy-nal. Set a timer for 10 minutes, fingerhug a fast-writing pen, then fill up each page with one loving memory of Him. Bash this daily. Don't believe about it. Bash it. Like grief--can't travel around it, can't travel over it, just gotta spell through it--writing is a process. The faster you acquire your ideas on paper, the quicker you will acquire through your personal tunnel of grief. So, what are you waiting for? Open your joy-nal. Write like the wind!

2. Bash think.

Your checking business relationship necessitates balancing; All four tyres on your Corolla demand rotating. There's a leak under the kitchen sink, and your garage door hangs by one hinge. These are of import tasks, which necessitate attention, and must be handled in a timely fashion. If you're thinking, I can't make it without Him. Think again. Like "The Little Engine That Could," think, yes, I can! From this twenty-four hours forward, develop a positive attitude. Begin this minute, this second; get now!

3. Think it through.

Everything you make bends to mush. Every twenty-four hours you do one error after another, and you believe you are hopeless. You are ready to give up!

Stop it!

Take one giant measure backwards.



Now dust yourself off, and get again.

I cognize it is painful burying a psyche mate. I know, because I am a widow, too. But, I am here to state you, if you follow my 3 tips outlined above, you will be one babe measure closer to the best of your life.

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