Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Shine And Sparkle Of Silver Jewelry Is Like No Other Metal

Sterling silver is affordable and it looks great, many fashion designers are using it and many shoppers are starting to purchase this beautiful metal, it is much more affordable than gold, platinum and looks just as good. Pure silver by itself is too soft and would not be practical for jewelry and other ornamental objects. It doesn't matter if you use silver with a bracelet, necklace or bling it up with precious stones silver will always be in fashion.

Pure silver by itself is too soft and would not be practical for jewelry and other ornamental objects. Silver jewelry, given its beauty, quality and inexpensiveness has become a highly sought after commodity. Silver jewelry is gaining popularity with a consumer public which is interested in affordability, style and quality. Sterling silver can be crafted into a lot of different jewelry items including charms, rings and chains and bracelets. Silver jewelry is frequently mistaken for other new precious metals as well as white gold and platinum.

It can be brushed, giving it a matte finish, or sandblasted for a satiny-smooth texture. Attractive, versatile, easy to care for and affordable, silver jewelry is the alternative to white gold and platinum. Sterling silver is so reflective that when light hits it is like no other metal in the world, the power of the shine is hypnotic. This is because 100 % pure sterling silver jewelry is a little soft and prone to bending and breaking. Sterling silver jewelry is synonymous with class and style in the world of fashion. Silver is prone to tarnishing and sometimes it can be a nuisance when trying to keep the shine, but most of the time the silver jewelry has a coating called rhodium which prevents the silver from tarnishing. When cleaning your silver jewelry make sure that the silver is not plated with any type of metal because when you try to clean it with silver cleaner it will damage it.

Sterling is the highest quality of silver. Sterling is stamped Sterling. If the sterling silver mark is no on the piece of jewelry it is not sterling silver. The reason you want to make sure that the stamp is there is because sterling silver is worth twice as much as other types of silver.

This problem has led silver manufactures come out with some alternatives, such as silver alloys, which, apart from retaining the original characteristics of silver is long lasting. Among these alloys sterling silver is unique. Pure silver by itself is too soft and would not be practical for jewelry and other ornamental objects. It doesn't matter, sterling silver is durable and flexible and the sheen is incredible, that's why it is use to celebrate 25 years of marriage, love and commitment between two people.

Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosive that appears on silver, this is a natural occurrence when silver is exposed to oxygen. Due to its very nature silver is prone to tarnishing with prolonged contact with the air or the chemicals found on the surface of many people's skin. Tarnish can easily be removed by gentle polishing with a silver cloth or commercial silver dip available in most jewelers and supermarkets.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Death - Accepting This Truth of Nature

Death is one of the most feared and least spoken words in our society because it is believed wrong to even think about it. Nobody likes death because death puts a full stop on all the activities of a concerned person. Death takes away people from this world, from our lives, from our families, death take away and only takes away people. Some people took the refugee in science and religion to win over this force. Many scientists and saints tried to win over this force of nature but however no one is able to win over this natural force so far.

Even after so many years of the human evolution, death has remained a constant truth in our lives. In this whole situation only thing which remains in our control is to accept this truth. The advantage of accepting this truth is that we get a relief in our mind and simultaneously get a motive to live more fulfilled life. Everything which a person earns in this world remain here in this world after death and nothing goes with the person to the other world, therefore there exist no fun in wasting our whole life in accumulating huge money or other materialistic things on the cost of living a good life.

Every person gets only few years to really enjoy his whole while on the remaining time he remains dependent on the others. Therefore for making ones life more fulfilled and reducing the fear of death, it is very important for the person to live a healthy, mature, thoughtful and enjoyable life which gives a more value to his existence. In life most important thing is human self satisfaction and without gaining this self satisfaction it is very difficult for a person attain real happiness in life and also the removal of death fear is not possible.

Those people who are able to achieve this self satisfaction, whom which we gave many names like achievement of higher spiritual state, attainment of godhood or moving above of all desires, are able attain a mental state where no death create fear for them. Finally we can say that there is no fun in fearing this truth of death and we can easily either overcome or reduce its fear by living a more fulfilled life that we have no desires left to remain back in this world. By only fearing death, we only reduce the quality of our life and life of people associated with us.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rules For Wearing Or Not Wearing Engagement Rings - By Women

This may be a really lame question but I got to thinking. When you have a wedding ring or engagement ring do you wear it ALL the time? What about in the shower, doing dishes or doing yard work? I don't have a ring yet, but I'm already nervous about losing it or damaging it. I guess thats what insurance is for, but it still wouldnt be fun to have to go through the pain of losing a ring you love.

I never take mine off. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks and had to have some surgery and they had to tape my ring to my finger cause I would not take it off. I wear gloves when I do the dishes but with my luck if I took it off I would lose it.

I just take off my ring when I take a shower or when I am doing something messy like washing dishes because junk gets built up on your ring. But that it!

I wear it all the time except for when I shower. I get it cleaned once a month though. Plus I clean it myself everyday after I shower. My ring gets loose in the winter when the weather is cold, but it never slips past my knuckle. It spins a lot, but doesn't come off. If your scared it might fall off, they have these new plastic, flexible wraps that you can put around the bottom of your ring, kind of like a rubber grip to stop it from coming off. Then at least you don't have to have it sized. Make sure whoever your FH buys your ring from, sizes it right. It should feel a little tight going over your knuckle and should not be easy to come off. You should have to push your ring up to go over your knuckle.

I take it off before bed & put it back on after I take my shower in the morning. I forgot to put it on today because I was rushing out of the house this morning, and that's happened a few times since I got the ring. I also take it off if I'm cooking something that I have to stick my hands into. Also, if I'm not leaving the house (and therefore, putting myself together, etc.,) I may not even wear it.

It's a personal choice. For me, I'm clumsy and if I slept with it I'd probably be all scratched up by now. For that reason, too, I don't really want to wear it all the time. It's an heirloom and I know my Mom chipped the stone a little & I don't want to do that - or knock it out! Also, I don't want to have to have it professionally cleaned very often because, personally, I think it's a frivolous expense.

When I have a wedding band, I will probably just leave it on all the time and may not wear the e-ring on an everyday basis. They won't be soldered together so that I have the flexibility to wear what I want when I want to.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Popular Jewelry Pieces and Where to Purchase Them

Jewelry is something which like any other item has popular products which are in style at the moment. Whether it be casual jewelry or fine jewelry, there are certain items at times where everyone simply has to have them. Many jewelry wearers like to find out the various trends relating to this type of accessory and make sure that they are up to date with the latest accessory fashions. Not only should one know what is popular at the moment but also where they can obtain these desirable pieces of jewelry.

Popular Jewelry Trends

Each year new jewelry trends emerge where jewelry lovers express their need to have all that is new and modern at that time. There are a few trends which have come about recently and still seem to be going strong. The first is diamond pendants. Although these beautiful items can vary in style, size and even material, the diamond pendant is an item which many women need to purchase these days. Some of the more popular diamond pendants are circular in shape and comprised of either white gold or platinum metals. Other highly sought after diamond pendants feature three stones hanging vertically off of the chain.

Another popular jewelry trend is hoop earrings or dangling earrings. These too vary in size and style but earrings which come to the mid-neck region are quite popular today. With regard to the hoops, something of a medium size and gold or silver is often purchased. In addition, dangling earrings can be those made up of casual stones and beads or something more fancy with semi-precious stones and diamonds included within them. Depending on where they are worn, the exact type of earrings will vary but the popular ones are usually those which have some length to them.

Where to Purchase These Popular Jewelry Fashions

Popular jewelry products can be purchased in many different places. For those who wish to shop at a physical location and browse the selections of popular items, a local jewelry store is a nice place to choose to do so. By shopping at one of these stores, the buyer can browse the glass cases, try on different possibilities and perhaps even take advantage of special savings while they are there.

If one is Internet savvy and likes to make purchases online, then the World Wide Web is a great place to purchase popular jewelry pieces. When shopping online for this type of accessory, the purchaser can browse through a large number of online stores and products without ever having to leave their home. This is an extremely convenient way to add popular items to one's collection. In addition, the buyer may also be able to take advantage of special deals only available to online buyers which can save them some money in the end.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Platinum Jewelry - Reasons Why This Type of Jewelry Is So Popular

Jewelry is a wonderful accessory which can be purchased in a wide array of metals and styles. One particular metal which has gained in popularity quite greatly in the past ten years or so is that of platinum. Platinum is used to make all different types of jewelry items such as rings, watches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The increase in popularity can be seen for a number of different reasons and one will discover after learning about them that it is no wonder that more and more men and women are choosing platinum as their jewelry composition of choice.

Aesthetic Values

Platinum jewelry has a natural shine and brilliance to it. The white tone of the platinum metal makes the jewelry stand out in and of itself however pair a few gemstones with the platinum and the effect is even more radiant. The pure aesthetic value of platinum jewelry is one reason why jeweler purchasers flock to the platinum jewelry counters to set their eyes upon this metal.

Rare and Precious Metal

Platinum is also seen these days as the most rarest and precious of metals that one can buy in the way of jewelry. The sheer reputation surrounding platinum makes it a highly coveted item. Although the price which goes along with platinum jewelry may be more expensive than perhaps gold jewelry, the reason for such a price relates to the rareness thereof. This attribute makes it much more attractive to jewelry buyers.

Strength and Durability

Another reason why platinum jewelry has drawn in the mass jewelry buying public pertains to the strength and durability of the product. This metal is known for its lasting qualities and for this reason many individuals choose to have their engagement rings and other keepsake gemstones set in platinum. The strength and durability of this metal is also due to its sheer weight which although more than gold products, it does not have a heavy feel to it. If one is looking to purchase a piece of jewelry which will stand the test of time then platinum is the way to go.

Plentiful Jewelry Options

With the growing demand for pieces of this type of jewelry, one will also find that there are plentiful amounts of platinum jewelry items available to purchase. Jewelry stores are adding more and more pieces of platinum jewelry to their floor displays as the owners know exactly what the public is looking for these days which is platinum. All jewelry buyers have to do with regard to finding a piece of platinum jewelry which they like is to go into almost any store or visit online websites and they will find a selection like no other. As the desire for platinum jewelry grows, so do the many options which one will find on their jewelry shopping trips.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Which Pearl Is Fake And Which Is Real

This article is about real pearls, both natural and cultured. First, the term 'pearl' should be applied only to natural pearls, formed in a mollusk when some event in nature induces the oyster or mussel to form a pearl. These pearls are quite rare and are the pearls of antiquity before pearl farmers learned to culture pearls. Freshwater pearls fished from the rivers in the USA are natural pearls, but now-a-days, most freshwater pearls are also cultured in freshwater pearl farms.

In any event, naturally forming or cultured, such pearls are formed in the oyster or mussel and are not fakes. The real difference in the totally natural pearl and the cultured pearls is what makes the pearl start to grow and the thickness of the nacre. Nacre is the pearly layers that make a pearl so lovely. The natural pearl will have very thick nacre, generally forming in concentric rings around some starting source or irritation to the mollusk. A large natural pearl is very, very rare. Cultured pearls generally use a 'core' of mother-of-pearl, the shell of the mollusk.

The bead core goes into the mollusk and nacre is formed around the core. The core determines the overall shape of the pearl. How long the oyster is allowed to let the pearl grow determines the thickness of the nacre. Thicker nacre is better. Best of all is thick nacre and a smooth, almost blemish free surface. Pearls grown inside the mussel or oyster do have a gritty feel to the tooth.

Fake pearls are made by coating a core of some sort (mother-of-pearl, plastic, etc.) with a plastic, a kind of paint containing ground fish scales or other stuff that look pearly to the eye. Generally, the fakes do not have a gritty feel to the tooth. Most may be identified with a little practice and a 10x jewelers loupe or microscope. The way to do it is to compare real pearls with some known fakes. The fakes almost always show a grittier look to the surface and not the more smoothly formed natural nacre.

The look is grittier but the feel to a tooth is smoother. After some practice comparisons, most fakes are fairly easily identified. Still, some are hard to detect without very thorough testing sometimes using solvents and acids which attack the real pearl nacre but not the plastic fakes and visa versa.

Other than that, a look at the drilled holes in the beads will help. Since the pearl is formed naturally without a hole, the hole must be drilled. The surface of the pearl at the drill hole will not 'sink in' or 'rise up' as is seen in many fakes that are formed and coated with the holes already made to the core. In the real pearl, the nacre will be smooth with the drill hole and might even be chipped a bit. Some folks recommend having a dentist do an x-ray to see what is inside.

Still, unless a person is very, very familiar with reading the images the results are very iffy. A core will look like a core whether in a fake or a cultured pearl. A core will not be present to any large extent in a pearl formed freely in the ocean but those pearls just are not around or to be had except in very small sizes.

Using a good loupe (hand held magnifier) of 10 power is likely the best home test. Of course, try the teeth first! Then look at the drill holes and the surface compared to a good cultured pearl. There is not a one-in-all test I can recommend. Some of this will simply require some 'pearls' of real and fakes for comparison. When you look through a 10x maginfier at the surface of most fakes, the surface might look gritty, uneven, "orange peel" as in paints or even flaked off in small places.

There is a difference difficult to describe. The comparison of the nacre of a pearl to the fake surface is a good indication for use at home, following your teeth, of course. Again, look for the rising or falling surface at the drill holes, like a "painted surface" has sunk into the hole or been pulled up from it.

Even the jewelers are fooled once in a while but not often. Have you seen Mabe pearls? These are the large 'half pearls' often seen in rings and pendants. Some years ago some really good fakes hit the market and were being sold at very competitive prices -- that is, compared to the real ones. Many were sold and bought as the real thing! The testing for these required disassembly of the fake mabes plus solvent and acid tests. A lot of buyers were taken in on this one, likely never to know they bought and later sold fake mabe pearls.

If you get pearls and you are not sure if they are fake or real and you have a hard time to tell them apart, go to you closest jewelry store and talk to them. See if they can run some of the test that I just menched to you. They will be able to tell you if the pearls are fake or not. But like is said it is very hard to tell some of the real ones from the fake ones. You need to be careful when you are shopping around for any kind of jewelry and make sure that you go to a jewelry store that you know are good.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How to Buy Pearls - Does Pearl Size Matter?

When talking about the size of a pearl, you must talk about the variety of pearl as well. For example, size of a Chinese Freshwater Pearl is very different from size of a South Sea Pearl. The Freshwater Pearl is cultured using mantle-tissue nucleation; the South Sea Pearl is cultured using bead-nucleation. Mantle-tissue nucleation adds virtually nothing to the size of the pearl. Bead-nucleation is used to define the size of the pearl -- the bigger the bead, the bigger the pearl.

In this article, I will use two bead-nucleated pearls to discuss the Size Value Factor, one of seven value factors to consider when purchasing pearls and pearl jewelry. Tahitian cultured pearls and South Sea cultured pearls are both cultured using bead-nucleation. In bead-nucleation, a bead made from a freshwater mussel shell is inserted into the oyster as part of the culturing process. Also common to these pearl culturing processes, only one pearl is grown at a time. If the oyster produces a healthy, marketable pearl, the oyster may be implanted again. The subsequent nucleus must be slightly larger -- the size of the pearl just removed. So, the second generation pearl is larger.

The oyster is returned to the waters for its growing period. As with the first generation, this is 18 months to 3 years depending on the farm, growing conditions and desired results.

Upon harvesting the second generation pearl, a third generation implantation may occur. This is rare. As the oyster ages, the quality of pearls it produces goes down. Luster is highest in the first generation.

Can you tell if you are buying a first generation pearl or a third generation pearl? No. You cannot tell the 'parentage' of the mollusk just by looking. If you are working closely with the farm, you may have this information. But even the farm is most interested in producing fine quality, lustrous smooth pearls.

This article focused on considerations regarding size of just two varieties pearls. The best rule of thumb? Buy the pearls with the highest luster and the smoothest surface for the best investment value. Buy the pearls that appeal to your heart for the most pleasure.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Personalized Necklaces of Today

I am what I am, or so goes the saying. A popular trend in jewelry is to personalize the pieces you wear. With necklaces, this is all about displaying your name.

Personalized jewelry is extremely popular these days. From simple initial pendants (and some not so simple, such as those offered by Tiffany and Co) to longer words, people are getting more and more pieces created that mean something to them. Many choose to get names written in precious metals, such as silver and gold, in order to show off either their own moniker, or that of someone they love. Name necklaces can be made to suit any style or budget.

The simplest type of name necklaces is made with gold or silver wire. These are often plated wires, and they need to be soft enough to be bent into the various shapes of the letters. This type of necklace has a more rustic feel to it, with the name being literally written by the crafter. Letters will always be in a cursive or script style, but rarely have a limitation on the number of letters in a name. Another advantage to this type of necklace is that they can often be much less expensive than other name necklaces.

Most name necklaces today are made of sterling silver or gold, and are cast for the individual by jewelry companies. The types of lettering and size of the letters are nearly limitless – these companies usually have many different styles for you to choose from, with block, script and multi-color styles all being available. These names can also be found on bracelets and even on earrings, so you can show off your name in any place you wish.

Name necklaces can be made simply, with just silver or gold, or they can have various additions. Some styles allow for you to choose a birthstone to be added to your name, so that it can be even more personal. Other styles showcase names within a heart or other design – offsetting the name while still making it the focus of the piece. There are even some styles that allow you to use two names, great for couples. For those who really want the ultimate in name jewelry, there are even some styles that are diamond encrusted – to make your name sparkle.

Name necklaces are popular among all different age groups and areas of the world – although most of the wearers are female. These necklaces are a great way to show off the name of someone important to you (which may be yourself!) while also having a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Gems - Information, History and Folklore - Page 1

Throughout the centuries jewelry has been created and worn by people of different cultures. Every culture had it gemstones that they valued and they attributed a special meaning to each. Today the list of precious and semi-precious gemstones is very large and each one has a history and folklore associated with it. The Quality Jewelry Directory has created a list of the most popular gemstones and gives a brief outline of each.

Alexandrite: One of the most valued and sought after gemstones is Alexandrite. Born in metamorphic conditions that bring together specific chemical elements to produce the mineral chrysoberyl, the gemstone has been valued by jewelers throughout the ages for its unique ability to change color from green to shades of red or very soft purple when exposed to daylight and incandescent light. Russia is the primary source for most gem quality alexandrite and was named after the Russian Tsar Alexander II. With a rich folklore history, alexandrite was thought to impart wisdom, creativity and to strengthen a individuals insight. Listed on the Mohs Scale of Hardness at 8.5, it is a perfect gemstone to design into high quality jewelry.

Ruby: Ruby is a beautiful gemstone that is part of the mineral family corundum. Corundum is found within crystals of metamorphic rock and is considered to be the second hardest mineral next to diamonds. Corundums come in different varieties and can be considered a sapphire in different colors. Some of the best rubies are in true red and come from Burma. They can also be found in other areas throughout the world, such as Australia, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the United States. With its well known sturdiness, it makes a perfect gemstone for jewelry. Often set with sapphires and diamonds, it is a perfect stone to pair up. The ruby was thought to have mystical powers and was often worn as a Talisman to ward off great evil. The ruby's color was often associated with blood and was thought to have the ability to stop bleeding and to heal ailments associated with it.

Sapphires: Sapphires belong to the mineral family of corundum and are found in weathered alluvial deposits from pyroclastic flows. Most sapphires are blue stones which range from slight blue to a deep indigo coloration. The most valued of the sapphires are ones that have the medium blue coloration and these are referred to "cornflower blue". Sapphires come in many colors and these are often called "fancy sapphires". Only in the case of red, are corundums called rubies. Sapphires are found throughout the world but primarily in Australia, United States. Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Kampuchea, Kenya and Tanzania. The name "sapphire" comes from multiple sources. In Persian, it is "safir" and was associated with Saturn. In Latin, "sappheiros" for the island where sapphires were mined. Ancient folklore is rich with stories related to sapphires. Seen as a stone that changes its hue when the wearer was engaged in impure behavior, it was given to the wearer to help impart fidelity. Also thought to bring inner peace to the soul and spiritual enlightenment.

Amethyst: Amethyst is a purple colored gemstone that is from the mineral "quartz" and derives it beautiful purple color from the iron impurities within the crystal. Throughout the world, amethyst is primarily found in Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Uruquay, Madagascar and Australia. Amethysts occur as long prismatic crystals that form six-sided pyramids end to end and grow in druzes within crystalline crusts or in sandstone formations. Amethysts are believed to bring the power of peace and calm and are often used in meditation. Due to its rich color and calming effects it is used to relieve stress from every day work and to relieve headaches due to tension or migraine headaches. Amethyst is often seen to encourage deeper understanding, encourage love and awareness. Amethyst was often worn to bed to produce and encourage peace and beautiful dreams. Amethysts are adorned in some of the richest displays of jewelry such as the British Crown Jewels. Catherine the Great was very fond of amethyst as were the Egyptians.

Pearl: Pearl is the modern birthstone for the month of June. The beautiful pearl is the only gem that is created from a living organism, the oyster. The process of pearl formation is actually a reaction to an irritant within the oyster itself. This irritation causes a material called nacre to envelope the irritant and over time creates a beautiful pearl. Pearls come in different varieties such as cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, tahitian pearls, black pearls. Other varieties of pearls are barogues which display an irregular appearance and Mabe pearls that are cultivated blister pearls. The name "pearl", comes from the latin word, "perula" or small pear. The Chinese were the first to cultivate pearls in saltwater, but over the years they were cultivated in saltwater and freshwater alike. Today, some of the finest cultivated pearls come from Japan. Pearls are associated with purity, wisdom through experience and perfection.

Emeralds: Emeralds are actually the green version of the mineral beryl. This type of beryl contains small amounts of chromium and iron which give them their unique color. Emeralds are commonly found in sedimentary rock that has undergone changes in temperature and pressure. Emeralds can be found in the Russian Federation, United States, Pakistan, Norway, India, Malagasy, and Australia. Some of the best emeralds are found Colombia and these crystals exhibit the best quality for their size. The name emerald comes from the Greek term "smaragdos", which loosely translates to "green gemstone". The quality in the emerald is determined by it's clarity and it's deep grass green coloration which exhibits a slight hint of blue. Emeralds have a deep history and folklore. The history of emeralds can be traced to the ancient Babylonians and the Egyptians where tools have been found in ancient emerald mines where the Queen Cleopatra's emeralds originated. The Incas also mined emeralds and the largest and highest quality stones were once worn by nobility. Unfortunately, many emeralds were lost to time, due to invasions, greed or through the inclusion of these gems in private collections.

Diamonds: Diamonds are the hardest known natural material and have other qualities that make the diamond a true king of gems. Based upon the element "carbon", diamonds are actually similar to graphite, but like carbon they have a unique crystalline composition. The dense atomic structure of diamonds makes them extremely valuable in jewelry but also in modern day industrial applications. Diamonds are formed deep underground where pressure and temperature are critical for their formation. In ancient times, India was the only known source of diamonds, until after the 1800 century, deposits were discovered all over the world. Diamonds come from a variety of sources but the primary deposits are from large openings in the Earth called volcanic pipes. These are often called kimberlite pipes. The vast majority of all diamonds originate in Africa but other significant finds have been discovered in Russia and in the northwestern territories of Canada.

Turquoise: One gemstone that is very popular is turquoise. Turquoise is a copper aluminum phosphate mineral that is found in locations that have high concentrations of copper. Turquoise is created from a variety of natural process and is found in areas that are arid in climate. These climate conditions are important in weathering and oxidation of copper deposits and producing the conditions that support the creation of turquoise. Turquoise can also be created from hydrothermal actions, leaching and precipitation of surrounding copper deposits to form turquoise. Turquoise comes in variety of shades such as blue-green, and green with flecks of gray with traces of iron and chrome. The best quality turquoise is "sky blue" or often called "robin egg" blue. Turquoise is found throughout the world, but comes primarily from the United States, Iran, Afghanistan, China and Mexico.

Topaz: Topaz is a silicate mineral that has been used as a gemstone for centuries. Topaz is considered the hardest of silicate minerals but has interesting properties that make it similar to diamonds in its ability to be cleaved into smaller increments. Unlike diamonds, the crystals of topaz can come in very large sizes. Topaz is usually found in pegmatities, quartz veins and inside of granites and rhyolites. Topaz in its true form is clear, but can come in a large assortment of colors due to various impurities within the crystal lattice. These colors can range from red, green, orange, brown and yellow. Topaz in its natural state forms short or long multi-faceted crystals and is prized as a mineral specimen in its natural state. Topaz is located throughout the world but is primarily found in Russia, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Brazil and Pakistan and some of the best quality and prized topaz deposits are found in Brazil. Certain regions of the United States have topaz deposits, most notably in San Diego County and the Thomas Mountain Range in Utah which is renowned for its beautiful blue topaz.

If you are shopping for jewelry look to the Quality Jewelry Directory to help you find what you desire.

Additional information can be found in other areas of our website: Gemstones, Jewelry Cleaning, Birthstone information and Anniversary Stones.

We are always looking for websites that wish to be listed in our directory, so feel free to add your website by selecting your "jewelry category" and clicking "suggest link"

The following list is small breakdown of each gemstones history and folklore. The list is not intended to be the end all of gemstone information and should not be looked upon as such. Each gemstone has it's own mineral data, history and folklore and all data cannot be written about each one. It is recommended to seek other websites for deeper knowledge on each.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guilty Pleasures: My Fall Accessories Wish List

Ok so the Fall season is slowly approaching and I for one, cannot wait! Fall is my favorite season. There are so many wonderful things to do this fall and I am getting excited- Like the Virginia Wine Festival. I went a couple of years ago and had a BLAST! This time, I am going to be a bit more prepared- like bring water, snacks and a blanket. Drinking wine in the open country with the changing colors of the leaves on a crisp fall day...honestly it is perfection!

But the BEST thing about fall is the fall fashion. Just going out with a light jacket or a thin sweater. You are not dying of the humidity like you are in the summer, and you are not weighed down by a heavy winter coat. The only bad thing about Fall is that I turn into a shopoholic. It is the only season where I do my major purchases of the year. Maybe this is one of those traits that carried through since grade school through my college years - always going shopping for school, which happens to be right before fall.

But I also have a very addictive personality...and I think I need therapy- Bags, Shoes, Chocolate, and Coffee. Hi my name is Vita, and I am a Fall shopoholic!

The Chloe bag: This has to be the best looking, most stylish bag I have seen in years!! And it is so roomy inside. You only need one hot bag for the fall...and this is definately mine. I have a weakness for really funky, stylish bags. I mean think about can be wearing a white tank and some jeans, but you have a hot bag on your arm, and you are automotically raised to fashionista status in my eyes!

The Shoes: Ok, so these are Manolo's. This is the classic shoe style. It has everything you need to withstand the test of time: Peep Toe, Black and White, and patent leather buckle. Smart enough for work, sexy enough for a night out. I wish that I could have the reckless abandon to actually buy these...but I can't get myself to spend $700 on shoes no matter what. But I will never say never :) In the meantime, you better be damn sure that I will scout several shoe stores looking for a replica several hundred dollars cheaper. HOW freakin' awesome are these?!

The Watch: This is from the Italian watch maker Toy Watch. I LOVE big, man style watches, and this one is unisex. It is water resistant, has a clear acrylic strap (totally cool) and is totally affordable!

New Hair Color: Cherry Cola Red. I am going to get my hair trimmed and cut this weekend. My hair is currently dark brown but it needs some oomph! So to cover the grays and to get that extra sexy edge, I am going to try this color. Mandy Moore and I have similar coloring, so if she can pull it off, so can I.

Other things for the fall: Something Red, like a chunky red necklace to spice up a plain outfit.

So that pretty much covers it I think. I can probably do a whole other post on house stuff for the fall. Right now, my house is decorated with ocean blue and green stuff everywhere- vases, throw pillows, candles, etc. So when the fall hits, and everything is in that beautiful organe, red, and yellow color, I will be hitting up some home decor shops.

Just thinking about the changing of the seasons and being able to walk outside and open a window is already putting a smile on my face.