Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guilty Pleasures: My Fall Accessories Wish List

Ok so the Fall season is slowly approaching and I for one, cannot wait! Fall is my favorite season. There are so many wonderful things to do this fall and I am getting excited- Like the Virginia Wine Festival. I went a couple of years ago and had a BLAST! This time, I am going to be a bit more prepared- like bring water, snacks and a blanket. Drinking wine in the open country with the changing colors of the leaves on a crisp fall day...honestly it is perfection!

But the BEST thing about fall is the fall fashion. Just going out with a light jacket or a thin sweater. You are not dying of the humidity like you are in the summer, and you are not weighed down by a heavy winter coat. The only bad thing about Fall is that I turn into a shopoholic. It is the only season where I do my major purchases of the year. Maybe this is one of those traits that carried through since grade school through my college years - always going shopping for school, which happens to be right before fall.

But I also have a very addictive personality...and I think I need therapy- Bags, Shoes, Chocolate, and Coffee. Hi my name is Vita, and I am a Fall shopoholic!

The Chloe bag: This has to be the best looking, most stylish bag I have seen in years!! And it is so roomy inside. You only need one hot bag for the fall...and this is definately mine. I have a weakness for really funky, stylish bags. I mean think about can be wearing a white tank and some jeans, but you have a hot bag on your arm, and you are automotically raised to fashionista status in my eyes!

The Shoes: Ok, so these are Manolo's. This is the classic shoe style. It has everything you need to withstand the test of time: Peep Toe, Black and White, and patent leather buckle. Smart enough for work, sexy enough for a night out. I wish that I could have the reckless abandon to actually buy these...but I can't get myself to spend $700 on shoes no matter what. But I will never say never :) In the meantime, you better be damn sure that I will scout several shoe stores looking for a replica several hundred dollars cheaper. HOW freakin' awesome are these?!

The Watch: This is from the Italian watch maker Toy Watch. I LOVE big, man style watches, and this one is unisex. It is water resistant, has a clear acrylic strap (totally cool) and is totally affordable!

New Hair Color: Cherry Cola Red. I am going to get my hair trimmed and cut this weekend. My hair is currently dark brown but it needs some oomph! So to cover the grays and to get that extra sexy edge, I am going to try this color. Mandy Moore and I have similar coloring, so if she can pull it off, so can I.

Other things for the fall: Something Red, like a chunky red necklace to spice up a plain outfit.

So that pretty much covers it I think. I can probably do a whole other post on house stuff for the fall. Right now, my house is decorated with ocean blue and green stuff everywhere- vases, throw pillows, candles, etc. So when the fall hits, and everything is in that beautiful organe, red, and yellow color, I will be hitting up some home decor shops.

Just thinking about the changing of the seasons and being able to walk outside and open a window is already putting a smile on my face.

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