Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rules For Wearing Or Not Wearing Engagement Rings - By Women

This may be a really lame question but I got to thinking. When you have a wedding ring or engagement ring do you wear it ALL the time? What about in the shower, doing dishes or doing yard work? I don't have a ring yet, but I'm already nervous about losing it or damaging it. I guess thats what insurance is for, but it still wouldnt be fun to have to go through the pain of losing a ring you love.

I never take mine off. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks and had to have some surgery and they had to tape my ring to my finger cause I would not take it off. I wear gloves when I do the dishes but with my luck if I took it off I would lose it.

I just take off my ring when I take a shower or when I am doing something messy like washing dishes because junk gets built up on your ring. But that it!

I wear it all the time except for when I shower. I get it cleaned once a month though. Plus I clean it myself everyday after I shower. My ring gets loose in the winter when the weather is cold, but it never slips past my knuckle. It spins a lot, but doesn't come off. If your scared it might fall off, they have these new plastic, flexible wraps that you can put around the bottom of your ring, kind of like a rubber grip to stop it from coming off. Then at least you don't have to have it sized. Make sure whoever your FH buys your ring from, sizes it right. It should feel a little tight going over your knuckle and should not be easy to come off. You should have to push your ring up to go over your knuckle.

I take it off before bed & put it back on after I take my shower in the morning. I forgot to put it on today because I was rushing out of the house this morning, and that's happened a few times since I got the ring. I also take it off if I'm cooking something that I have to stick my hands into. Also, if I'm not leaving the house (and therefore, putting myself together, etc.,) I may not even wear it.

It's a personal choice. For me, I'm clumsy and if I slept with it I'd probably be all scratched up by now. For that reason, too, I don't really want to wear it all the time. It's an heirloom and I know my Mom chipped the stone a little & I don't want to do that - or knock it out! Also, I don't want to have to have it professionally cleaned very often because, personally, I think it's a frivolous expense.

When I have a wedding band, I will probably just leave it on all the time and may not wear the e-ring on an everyday basis. They won't be soldered together so that I have the flexibility to wear what I want when I want to.


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