Monday, June 25, 2007

Diamonds - Express Your Precious Love With Diamond!

Mantle of the earth is essential for providing the exact amount of heat and pressure. Then only carbon can be transformed in the form of a diamond. To get a diamond from carbon, it has to be placed at a minimum temperature of 725 degrees and under 435,113 pounds of minimum pressure. Suppose if this exact temperature and pressure is missed out, then you can get only graphite. Most of the diamonds are extracted from the countries like Australia, Borneo, Brazil, Russia and several African countries, and South Africa.

If you are interested to buy a diamond, in the market you have to be aware of 4 C's namely:

  • Cut
  • Cutting techniques are vital for getting a perfect diamond. These techniques can determine the finished outlook of the diamond.
  • Clarity
  • It is possible to list out different clarity levels like flawless, very very slight (VVS), very slight (VS) and slightly included (SI).
  • Carat
  • It is a unit to measure the weight and single carat is equal to 200 milligrams.
  • Colour
  • You can buy diamonds in various colour and it has colour scale starts from D to Z. Colours are mostly starts with icy white to light yellow which is most expensive among others.

    It will be good to consider other factors like lustre, transparency and light dispersion. The cutting techniques are essential for sparking of the diamonds. Normally there are distinct cutting techniques implemented to cut and shape a diamond. The following are some of the vital cutting techniques:

    • Cleaving –Technique used to remove the impurities in the diamonds with the help of groove.
    • Sawing – A phosphor blade is used for this cutting technique.
    • Bruiting – Two diamonds are rubbed against each other to have a rough finish.
    • Polishing – To offer a stylish finishing look

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