Monday, November 12, 2007

When You Read the Sympathy Cards Again and Cry

Every clip I walked by the box I flinched. It held the 100s of understanding card game my hubby and I received after three deceases in the family. I did not desire to look at the box, allow alone unfastened it. A widowed friend asked me if I had re-read the cards. "No," I sighed. "I just can't make it."

Re-reading the card game would open up up heartache lesions and my friend understood this. "The twenty-four hours will come up when you read the card game again and cry," she said, "and you will happen new comfortableness in them." That twenty-four hours was yesterday.

I recognized most of the name calling on the cards,but there were some Iodine did not recognize. However, I was aware of the lovingness that the card game represented. One read, "Sometimes the injury is too large for words," a sentence I understood all too well. I was often at a loss for words to depict my grief. In fact, heartache had slowed my mind's ability to recover vocabulary words.

The box contained card game from my daughter's co-workers. A composite applied scientist with an Master in Business degree, my girl had managed three production lines at an engine manufacturing plant. A grouping card made me cry, especially the short letter from one co-worker saying he was glad my girl had been his manager.

I am glad Iodine read the card game again because I establish a commemoration bank check in one and hard cash in another. Gathering the courageousness to re-read the card game took me nine months. This clip framework is portion of my heartache "fingerprint." Andrea Gambill depicts these fingerprints in an article with the same name, published in the October 2007 issue of "Grief Digest." "You have got got the right to be an individual," Gambill says, "to be different in some ways from every other griever."

If you are grieving you have received understanding cards. The card game state you that people attention but, like me, you may not desire to read them again. Should you make it? Yes, but only when you experience the clip is right. As my friend predicted, I establish new comfortableness in the cards. The understanding card game represented the ideas and supplications of 100s of people and and I could experience their support.

I was really touched by the handmade cards. One was from an creative person friend and another was from a first cousin who is an expert photographer. A hand-letterd card with a quotation mark from Henry David Thoreau touched my soul. "Every leafage blade in the field, every leaf in the forest, put down its life in its season, as beautifully as it was taken up."

Bettyclare Moffatt, in her book, "Soulwork: Clearning the Mind, Opening the Heart, Replenishing the Spirit," names 12 ways we may take for soulwork living. Direction figure 10 spoke to me and it says, in part, "Be willing to learn, to grow, to begin over." Sympathy card game have got helped me to make this and I am creating a new life. The twenty-four hours will come up when you read the card game again and pull comfortableness and strength from them.

Copyright 2007 by Harriet Hodgson